Your Noon Briefing: The Scotsman, Whitespace, etc

THE Scotsman newspaper has today unveiled a new look.

As noted on allmediascotland on Friday – here – it applies both in print and online and it was introduced to readers this morning by the paper’s editor, Ian Stewart, who writes (on page two): “Scotland in the 21st century is a dynamic, exciting, inspirational nation and it needs a media that will reflect that, a media that shows the best Scotland has to offer. And we intend to do just that.

“Today sees a new Scotsman and a new that will cement our place as Scotland’s national newspaper, but also build on it, ensuring our place at the forefront of the digital news revolution we are living through.”

Read more, here.

The new design was undertaken by Spain-based Errea Communication.

Javier Errea told allmediascotland: “All typefaces were changed. Not one from the old library remained. We decided to use Sueca, a fantastic, wide, legible, and elegant serif font made by Portuguese Mario Feliciano. Sueca Text for body text, Sueca Banner and Headline for headlines, decks, etc.

“Sueca was commissioned first by Feliciano for Svenska Dagbladet, a daily based in Stockholm. In my humble opinion, it is one of the best fonts in the world for newspapers. Neutral enough, incredibly legible, elegant. And very versatile.

“Along with Sueca, we used Calibre (by New Zealand’s Kris Sowersby) for text boxes, charts and tables, some headers, navigation, etc. Expressive touch is provided by Brunel Poster Italic, by Christian Schwartz. It is just used in headers.”

* * *

AN interview with one of the three managing partners at an Edinburgh-based creative and digital agency has been published by the website, Daily Business.

The interview with Iain Valentine – of Whitespace – centres on the company’s move to new headquarters over four floors in a refurbished office below the castle.

Valentine is quoted, as saying: “Technology moves so quickly, although what doesn’t change is that you will always need good ideas.”

Read more, here.

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WIDELY reported, including here (BBC) and here (STV): a former radio DJ has been found guilty of sexually abusing a young girl.

Sentencing of James Russell, who has worked at Radio Clyde, has been reportedly deferred until next month.

* * *

BEGINS Jane Bradley, in The Scotsman: “It features images of the famous ventriloquist’s dummy, Stookie Bill, used by inventor, John Logie Baird, when he was developing his revolutionary mechanical scanning broadcasts which led to the creation of the television.

“Now a shellac disc, the world’s oldest surviving transmission recording made by the Scots television pioneer, has been saved by the University of Glasgow.”

Read more, here.

And Ellen Thomas, in The Herald, begins: “An anonymous donor has stepped in to prevent a recording of John Logie Baird’s first transmission of trans-Atlantic television pictures from being sold to private collectors overseas.

“The materials, which include a disc featuring what has been described as one of the world’s earliest surviving video recordings, will now be stored at the University of Glasgow along with much of the Scottish inventor’s other work.”

Read more, here.

The story is also picked up by, among others, the BBC, here.

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