Media Awards: British Journalism Awards 2015

A BBC Scotland journalist has been named among the winners of a prize at the British Journalism Awards.

A team including Mark Daly – which investigated doping in athletics – took the Sports Journalism title at the awards, which are organised (and reported by here) by the trade journal, Press Gazette.

The awards also saw, among others, former Guardian editor, Alan Rusbridger, was the recipient of the The Marie Colvin Award – ‘for raising the reputation of British journalism’.

The full list of winners for the British Journalism Awards 2015 reads:

Digital Innovation

Winner: Vice News

New Journalist of the Year

Winner: Simon Murphy of The Mail on Sunday

Campaign of the Year

Winner: The Guardian for Keep it in the Ground

Highly commended: David Jones, Sam Greenhill, Ian Drury and Jack Doyle of the Daily Mail

Foreign Affairs Journalism

Winner: Patrick Kingsley of The Guardian

Politics Journalism

Winner: Tom Newton Dunn of The Sun


Winner: Manu Brabo of The Sunday Times

Highly Commended: Jack Hill of The Times and Philip Coburn of the Daily Mirror

Business, Finance and Economics Journalism 

Winner: Daniel Jones of The Sun

Highly commended: Charles Levinson of Reuters

Science, Technology and Health Journalism

Winner: Deborah Cohen from the BMJ

Highly commended: Natasha Loder of The Economist

Breaking News Award 

Winner: Jonathan Calvert, George Arbuthnott and Bojan Pancevski (Insight) – The Sunday Times

Sports Journalism

Winner: Mark Daly, Murdoch Rodgers and David Epstein – BBC Scotland/Panorama/ProPublica

Highly commended: Jonathan Calvert, George Arbuthnott and David Collins of The Sunday Times

Popular journalism

Winner: The news team at The Mail on Sunday

Local Heroes

Winner: Jeanette Oldham of the Birmingham Mail

Highly commended: Andrew Gilligan of The Daily and Sunday Telegraph

Investigation of the Year

Winner: Juliette Garside, James Ball, David Leigh and David Pegg of The Guardian

The Marie Colvin Award for raising the reputation of British journalism

Winner: Alan Rusbridger

Journalist of the Year

Winner: Jonathan Calvert of The Sunday Times