BBC Scotland and STV Agree to Share Resources

BBC Scotland and STV have struck an agreement to share resources such as news pictures and training facilities, to provide – say the pair – “better services for audiences in Scotland”.

The deal will see both organisations explore collaboration in six areas: news pictures, facilities and resources, training, content and production, archive programmes and online.

On news, both broadcasters will consider sharing some raw picture footage and 'live' outside broadcast news resources – so long as the editorial integrity of either party is not compromised. And the agreement does not extend to exclusives or features.

Joint funding for content development is already a feature of how BBC Scotland and STV collaborate and it is likely that this approach to sharing costs in support of Scotland’s ‘creative economy’ will continue to develop.

In addition, says a statement issued by the pair: “The BBC is in the process of developing an innovative strategy that will ensure significant amounts of its programme archive will be made available, online, for audiences to enjoy. Under the terms of the agreement between BBC and STV, both will explore options for releasing Scotland-related archive materials with a view to enabling access, by both, to a range of the materials which each holds.

“STV has indicated its willingness potentially to participate in a proposed ‘iPlayer federation’. The federation is part of the BBC’s approach to sharing its online iPlayer technology with other public service broadcasters.”

The agreement is still in its infancy and therefore non-binding as the partners seek to settle on a way of working they are both happy to enshrine in something more legally robust.

Says the BBC Director-General, Mark Thompson “These discussions point the way to the future role of the BBC in the wider public service broadcasting sector, both in Scotland and across the UK.

“While both broadcasters will maintain their distinctive approaches to the delivery of news and other programme content, it makes sense for both to explore potential synergies and to consider what, sensibly, could be achieved by working more closely together.”

Rob Woodward, chief executive of STV, added: “We are building a strong relationship with the BBC and are delighted to have agreed such a wide-reaching partnership deal that is there to better serve our viewers. We remain absolutely committed to maintaining our position as Scotland’s commercial Public Service Broadcaster, providing plurality of services for viewers. We believe that this partnership will be to the benefit of both our audiences and the creative industry in Scotland.”

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