Scots slightly less trusting of main TV channels than UK counterparts

COMPARED to their UK counterparts, Scots TV viewers are slightly less convinced that the five main TV channels – BBC One, BBC Two, ITV1, Channel 4 and Five – deliver on essential characteristics such as trust and innovation.

It follows figures released earlier this week by broadcasting regulators, Ofcom, on public service broadcasting.

When asked whether they trusted the channels, 55 per cent of Scots in a survey conducted last year said they did. The UK figure was 56 per cent.

Other characteristics viewers were asked to comment on were quality, how challenging, how engaging, innovation and originality.

And across all of them, Scots were less satisfied than their UK counterpars, albeit by no more than two per centage points.

Some 62 per cent of respondents in a survey said that programmes across all five channels were of a high quality. The other figures are: challenging (51 per cent), engaging (54 per cent), innovation (45 per cent) and originality (41 per cent).