Funeral taking place today of ‘Wheel of Fortune’ star

THE funeral takes place today of the announcer to one of the country’s longest-running TV game shows, Wheel of Fortune.

Steve Hamilton died last week, aged 59, and his funeral takes place today at Mortonhall Crematorium, Edinburgh, at 1pm.

Wheel of Fortune, made by STV for transmission across the ITV network, ran from 1988 until eight years ago. Among its presenters were Nicky Campbell and John Leslie.

Said Brian Ford, a former announcer on STV and now a freelance broadcaster: “Steve was a good friend for over 30 years – not a ‘fairweather friend’ as happens so often in the media, but a kind, compassionate man who was larger than life.

“He was always professional in work and good fun at play; we spent many happy times in his company. His big booming voice will forever ring in our ears and we will miss him dearly.”