STV declares delight at opt-out start

THE start, last week, to a regular series of opt-outs from the ITV network by STV had the Scottish company saying it was “delighted” with viewing figures.

Thursdays between 9pm and 10pm have, at least for the next few weeks, been taken up by STV for locally-made programmes, kicking off last week with Made in Scotland and last night by The Scots Who Fought Franco.

The opt-out has been at the expense of The Bill, which has prompted a vigorous online discussion appealing for its return.

But while The Bill last week enjoyed a 16 per cent share of its available audience, Made in Scotland attracted an 18 per cent one.

Money that would have been contributed by STV towards the making of The Bill is being devoted to making the locally-made programmes.

Said a STV spokesperson: “STV is taking greater control of its schedule and Thursday evening provides us with a high-profile and consistent slot to air some of our new, high-quality and relevant home-grown productions. ‘Made in Scotland’ was the first of the new series and we are delighted with its performance.

“We are absolutely committed to maintaining a healthy creative industry in Scotland by investing in new, high quality Scottish productions and creating a diverse schedule for viewers.”