Military Tattoo Retrospective Blasts Average Viewing Figures

A TV programme looking back at the 60 years of the Edinburgh Military Tattoo is estimated to have massively outperformed the average viewing figures for its slot.

Rough TV viewing figures for the retrospective show The Edinburgh Military Tattoo at 60 attracting some 690,000 viewers in Scotland and 38 per cent of all people watching TV in Scotland at the time. It was shown on BBC One Scotland.

These last 12 months, the slot on Sundays 1830-1930 on BBC One Scotland has averaged 440,000 viewers and a 22.4 per cent share.

Contributors to the programme included military historian and writer, Trevor Royle; Edinburgh comedian and former talk107 radio show presenter, Susan Morrison; and broadcaster, Kaye Adams.

The Scotsman today gave the programme a generous review.