Art of good comedy: mistiming

DELEGATES at this weekend’s MediaGuardian Edinburgh International Television Festival were taught a valuable lesson in yesterday afternoon’s Meet the Controller session: even top TV professionals need to be on time.

During a question and answer session with BBC One Controller, Peter Fincham, Conor Dignam, editor of trade magazine Broadcast, was the man brave enough to be the first to raise his hand and ask how long would the channel continue to “rob the crown jewels” of programmes from BBC Two?

Unfortunately for Conor, who had arrived late, and to the great amusement of the audience, this had already been covered in depth by the host, Watchdog presenter, Nicky Campbell.

Trying to rescue his line of interrogation, he went on: “When are you going to take The Apprentice?”

“News just in,” replied Nicky, “he just did.”

Fincham had confirmed reports earlier in the session that the hit show, featuring no-nonsense boss, Alan Sugar, would make the move between channels.