MSP calls for for BBC Scotland to split its news provision

A MSP has called on BBC Scotland to split its TV news provision, to allow for more localised reporting.

Brian Adam – who is the SNP MSP for Aberdeen North – made his call on today’s BBC Radio Scotland’s Good Morning Scotland programme (1hr 13min in), saying the TV news service could be split, as happens with local opt-outs on BBC Radio Scotland and also on rival TV station, STV.

He has written to the BBC Trust – which represents the TV Licence Fee payer – requesting that news flagship, Reporting Scotland, should consider regional opt-outs.

In response, Atholl Duncan, head of news and current affairs at BBC Scotland, told Good Morning Scotland (2hr 20min in, including a quote from Brian Adam) that a new TV news service from the north of Scotland would likely threaten STV’s market share, and hence its advertising revenue and jobs. He added the BBC’s online news service offered local variations.

Dave Rushton, director of the Institute of Local Television, told the programme (2hr 43min in, including quotes from both Adam and Duncan) that ‘local television’ is moving up the [political and broadcast] agenda.