BBC launches new outlet to report the Scottish Parliament

THE reporting of the Scottish Parliament by the BBC is to have an additional outlet: a website dedicated to coverage of all the UK’s democratic institutions. will also include coverage of the European Parliament and, among other things, offers a catch-up facility to proceedings that have taken place earlier.

Eight panels feature prominently on the site, allowing a click-through facility to the proceedings in the House of Commons, among Westminster Select Committees and also the Assemblies of both Wales and Northern Ireland. Plus, of course, the Scottish and European parliaments. There is coverage too from the House of Lords.

Says the BBC: “No other offer exists like this anywhere else in the world.”

Adds head of BBC Political Programmes, Sue Inglish: “Democracy Live is an important addition to the way the BBC brings politics to our audiences across the UK, allowing people to see, first hand, the work of their elected representatives and ensuring we have a healthy and informed democracy.

“This is precisely the sort of different content the BBC should be providing in fulfilling our public service remit and representing all of the democratic institutions in the UK.”