STV opt-out policy to be subject of debate

A RECENT policy by Scottish broadcasters, STV, to opt out of certain programmes being shown on ITV1 is to be the subject of a debate involving one of the company’s senior managers.

Bobby Hain, director of broadcasting and regulatory affairs at STV, is taking part in an event being organised by the Scottish branch of the Royal Television Society.

Says the RTS: “STV’s daring new programme strategy has created considerable controversy in the industry.

“By significantly increasing levels of Scottish production and replacing several network drama and sports programmes with locally-produced content, the company says it is making its schedule more diverse, affordable and relevant at a time of radical change in broadcasting, whilst also creating jobs. And the move has strained relations with ITV.

“STV aims to create a distinct identity separate from ITV, and has also laid out an ambitious proposal for news, reviving the notion of the ‘Scottish Six’. As we shift from analogue to digital and from one platform to many, the move has also led viewers, advertisers and critics to re-examine the role of the commercial public service broadcaster in Scotland.

“So what are the implications of this policy for the company, for viewers and for commercial broadcasting in Scotland?”

The debate is taking place on the 2nd of next month, in Glasgow.