STV begins search for Scotland’s greatest football team

JUST who should be selected to be part of Scotland’s greatest-ever football team is to be the subject of a series of programmes on STV, with viewers invited to vote for their favourite players and manager.

A week Thursday, Scotland’s Greatest Team kicks off with a series which culminates with the team’s unveiling on the 22nd of next month. The programme is being directed by Rod Tamine and Robin Gray. It is being produced by Brendan O’Hara and being exec produced by Paul Murray.

The series is being hosted by actor, Tony Roper, with additional guest presenting by Sanjeev Kohli, Lorraine Kelly, Kelly Dalglish and John Gordon Sinclair.

In programme one, comedy writer and actor, Kohli, looks at six of Scotland’s top strikers, inviting viewers to vote for their favourite two.

In programme two, Kelly highlights the top ten midfielders in Scotland’s football history and invites viewers to vote for four.

Programme three sees sports presenter, Dalglish, profile ten top defenders, giving viewers the option of voting for their top four.

And in programme four, actor, John Gordon Sinclair, considers the candidates for best goalkeeper and best manager. one goalkeeper and one manager from a selection of four of each.

Viewers can register their preferences by going online, here.

Says O’Hara: “This isn’t a popularity contest and we’re not asking viewers who were the best eleven players. Rather we want viewers to use their football knowledge to pick the eleven players in a 4-4-2 formation that they believe would combine to make up the best Scotland team; as well as the manager that they believe would best harness that enormous talent.”

The first programme airs at 9pm.