‘Auntie’ under fire for ‘Uncle Sams’

BBC presenters are being accused of over-using slang words and ‘Americanisms’.

According to today’s Daily Telegraph (page 7), internet message boards are awash with tut-tutting disapproval.

Writes digital and media correspondent, Urmee Khan, after scouring online message boards: “Radio listeners have noticed slang terms more commonly heard on the other side of the Atlantic creeping into common usage on BBC shows.”

The reporter says terms like “fess up”, instead of “confess”, are not going un-noticed by online-savvy members of the public on the Corporation’s website. One post is quoted: “The BBC should be an example. It isn’t there to be street smart.”

Some of the phrases are listed, in bullet points, alongside the article with their “grammatically correct” meanings. For example: “Take a look”, instead of the correct, “Have a look”.