Scheme transmission postponed by legal action

A DOCUMENTARY series about families living in a large housing estate in Kilmarnock has had its screening halted because of legal action.

Although the proposed screening of BBC Scotland’s The Scheme this evening is still going ahead, the next two – and final – episodes have been postponed to a later date pending legal action following the arrest of a person not yet seen on screen in the series.

The BBC has therefore taken the view that the final two episodes should be shown after the legal issues relating to the person who has been arrested are resolved.

Tonight’s episode takes place on BBC One Scotland, at 10.35pm, with a statement at the end of the transmission explaining the delay.

The Scheme is described as “an observed documentary series following the dramatic and often emotional highs and lows of daily life for six different families all living in one large housing scheme in Kilmarnock”.

The description continues: “From parents battling to keep their kids on the straight and narrow to people fighting for community projects, the series offers a snapshot of life in modern day Scotland.”