Scottish Parliament Reported to be a Broadcasting Turn-off

Live, internet broadcasting of proceedings at the Scottish Parliament is drawing in only 7000 hits a month, The Herald today reveals.

The internet feed, which launched in 1999, broadcasts both coverage of debates in the main chamber and the meetings of committees at Holyrood.

Under the headline, ‘Public Shunning Holyrood TV’, investigations reporter, David Leask, writes: “Holyrood insiders are frustrated with the viewing figures for a service that is part of a BBC contract to cover 'every cough and spit' of proceedings.”

Says the paper, the BBC is currently tasked with recording all proceedings in Parliament after securing a £3.85 million contract eight years ago.

However, the service – which is reported to cost over £500,000 a year to run – appears to have failed to steal large numbers of visitors away from more condensed television and newspaper reports, notes the Glasgow-based paper.

Meantime, a Scottish Parliament spokesman is quoted saying: “Webstreaming represents only one element of the broadcast service at Holyrood.

“Without the service it would not be possible for the public to view proceedings, and there would be no live feed of business to the television and radio stations that broadcast parliamentary business live or during their news bulletins.”