Pirate Publication of Scheme Extracts Prompts BBC Reissue of Legal Warning

Unauthorised clips from the unseen final two episodes of a fly-on-the-wall documentary about a housing scheme in Kilmarnock have been broadcast online – prompting BBC Scotland to reissue a warning to prevent them going public.

Extracts from episodes three and four of the four-part BBC Scotland series, The Scheme, were published on video-sharing website, YouTube, in the last few days.

The BBC last month obtained an interim interdict against the dissemination of pirate copies of the final two instalments, following a second postponement of the programme due to legal action against a person set to feature in the show.

However, the Corporation was today trying to stem the flow of untransmitted material available on the web.

A BBC spokesperson told allmediascotland: “We have taken steps to address this.”

The Corporation has reissued a reminder of the court banning order taken out last month, which warned: “Further dissemination by anyone may give rise to both civil and criminal consequences.”

Meanwhile, access to a number of YouTube videos has been blocked, with a notice from the site explaining: “This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by British Broadcasting Corporation.”

One video uploaded on Friday and featuring an almost 10-minute clip from the third episode, had attracted over 16,000 hits before being pulled from the site at lunchtime today.

The transmission of the last two episodes has been set back twice as a result of legal action, with dates for the remainder of the series yet to be set.