Dozen-plus Sign up to Provide TV and Film Mentoring Support for Young People

Over a dozen TV and film producers and directors based in Scotland have been appointed mentors, in scheme designed to assist young, disadvantaged young people on media-related projects.

The scheme – being run by BAFTA and the charity, Media Trust, which helps charities with their communications needs – will see the mentors work with young people in the Glasgow area for the next six months. The mentors will offer their expertise to organisations including The Prince’s Trust, Fairbridge and Scottish Families Affected by Drugs.

The credits of the mentors include Still Game, River City, Location Location Location, Nanny McPhee and Enigma. A number are particularly from recently-founded production company, Raise the Roof Productions.

The mentors are:

Julia Bird – Assistant producer, Raise the Roof Productions

Jerry Brannigan – Screenwriter

Peter Brill – Production sound mixer

David Brown – Producer/Co-producer Nina Brown – Producer/director, Raise the Roof Productions

Colin Cameron – Series/executive producer

Alan de Pellette – Producer/writer/director

Angus Dixon – Producer/director

Tom Garland – Series producer, Raise the Roof Productions

Michael Hines – Director/producer

Jeannot Hutcheson – Producer, Raise the Roof Productions

Lisa McCann – Director/series producer, Raise the Roof Productions

John McShane – Screenwriter

Karen O’Hare – Professional practice & CPD Co-ordinator, Screen Academy Scotland

David Street – Producer/director

Sarah Walmsley – Creative director, Raise the Roof Productions