NUJ Agrees to Enter Talks Over Planned Strike Against the BBC

Planned repetition of strike action by members of the National Union of Journalists – which affected BBC news services on Friday and Saturday, including in Scotland – might not proceed.

In a statement issued this afternoon, the trade union – whose members are upset by proposed changes to the pension arrangements for BBC staff – said it is prepared to suspend strike action planned for Monday and Tuesday, after the BBC offered new talks in the dispute.

However, the NUJ added: “Before those talks can happen the union has told the BBC they must withdraw disciplinary action against three members overseas, disciplined as a result of their support for the strike.”

The NUJ general secretary, Jeremy Dear, is quoted as saying: “We welcome the BBC’s change of heart and agreement to enter talks following industrial action by thousands of journalists and other BBC staff.

“We will enter those talks determined to seek a negotiated settlement. But we remain committed, and authorised, to take further industrial, political and legal action in the event that talks fail to deliver a fair pensions settlement.”