STV and UTV in simulcast first

STV and its Northern Ireland counterpart, UTV, are to simultaneously broadcast a documentary about the Scots and Irish in America.

In what is being described as an “unique first-time broadcast partnership”, the two stations are to screen Born Fighting, a two-part series featuring American Senator, Jim Webb, who explains how the Scots-Irish helped shape the USA.

Both STV and UTV are each screening the documentary a week on Tuesday, at 8pm, and then the following week.

Says a statement issued by STV: “Born Fighting is a co-production between STV, UTV and Smithsonian Channel, with three production teams following Senator Webb’s journey across Scotland, Ireland and America. In a unique partnership between STV and UTV, the two channels will for the first time simulcast the series on February 1 and 8, giving viewers in Scotland and Northern Ireland the opportunity to watch both episodes simultaneously.”

Alan Clements, director of Content at STV, is quoted, saying: “This is a unique collaboration between STV, UTV and Smithsonian Channel, and together we have delivered a fascinating and revealing series. I am delighted to have had the opportunity to work with Senator Webb on this exciting project, and I think viewers in Scotland, Northern Ireland and America will be compelled by his personal journey to explore the trail of the Scots-Irish.”

Michael Wilson, managing director of UTV, is further quoted, saying: “I am delighted to have forged this production partnership with STV and Smithsonian to make a great programme relevant to all our audiences. Senator Webb’s book is a very personal view of the journey from Scotland, through Ulster and to America of his ancestors. His history of the Scots-Irish and their success in America will be fascinating to many of UTV’s viewers and Born Fighting captures the essence of their history in a beautifully produced series.”