‘Manzilian’ target set to give Boogie a ‘Brazilian’

ONE of Scotland’s most popular radio breakfast show hosts could be soon finding himself undergoing a ‘Brazilian’ waxing.

Forth One’s ‘Boogie’ is now the subject of ‘The Million Manzilian’ challenge, following an on-air conversation this morning with his two co-presenters, Arlene Stuart, and ‘Dingo’.

On the show Boogie mentioned the statistic that 18 per cent of women have had a ‘Brazilian bikini wax’, saying he thought the figure rather low. When Stuart countered the reason might be because the treatment hurts, Boogie’s then scoffing resulted in a challenge from both his colleagues that they would each pay £100 to have a Brazilian done on him.

When Boogie replied, “I would only do it for a million”, his two co-presenters took him up on it: to the tune of one million pence.

And so, ‘The Million Manzilian’ challenge to raise £10,000 has been launched. A deadline of March 18 has been set. And the money raised will go to the station’s Cash for Kids charity.