BBC Scotland Programme to Chart the Process of Decay

The contents of a kitchen are to decay in front of people's eyes, as part of a BBC Scotland programme for BBC Four.

Afterlife will comprise a purpose-built box in which there will be a kitchen and also a garden. And, over a two-month period, during the summer, nature is to be allowed to simply take its course.

The project is to be based at Edinburgh Zoo, with the facility to view online how the decaying is progressing. 

The programme, to be presented by Oxford University's George McGavin, is a co-production with Discovery and BBC Worldwide, and will be also screened internationally.

Says a BBC statement: “The sealed 6m x 6m box is to be constructed by specialist engineers in an enclosed lecture hall, with input from expert scientific consultants. Only approved BBC personnel will be allowed to enter the box, via a double-door system, for filming purposes.”