Swire Among Speakers at BBC Scotland Staff Masterclasses

Lockerbie campaigner, Jim Swire, is among the speakers at a series of masterclasses taking place next week at BBC Scotland, for staff and independent TV production companies.

Swire, who lost his daughter when Pam Am Flight 103 was blown up over Lockerbie in 1988, will be talking about his changing relationship with the media, from initially that of 'victim' to latterly that of 'campaigner'.

He will be speaking alongside Colm O'Gorman, executive director of Amnesty International Ireland, as part of a four-class programme between Tuesday and Friday and taking place at BBC Scotland's HQ in Glasgow.

The programme reads as follows:

Reporting Business

BBC Consumer and Business News Correspondent Pauline McCole offers some insights into how to get amazing stories from the most unlikely sources!

How to Sort Spin from Statistics

Michael Blastland is a writer and broadcaster and co-author of The Tiger That Isn’t – a guide to numbers in the news.

Interviewing Victims

Colm O'Gorman, executive director of Amnesty International Ireland and Jim Swire, who lost his daughter Flora, in the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 talk about their experience of being interviewed as 'victims' and how their relationship with the media has changed as they have made the transition from victims to 'campaigners'.

Preparing for the Big Interview

Join Jim Naughtie, as he shares insight on preparing for that big interview – with a big name – at short notice. How do you get something fresh from someone who has a well practiced patter and has been interviewed many times before?