Football Commentator, Francey, Dies

A former BBC Scotland football commentator has died.

Reports BBC Scotland, David Francey passed away in Glasgow, aged 87, after a long illness.

Described by the BBC as a “hugely popular and charismatic figure”, Francey commentated for 35 years, his last match taking place in 1987 when Scotland played Brazil at Hampden.

His “Oh dear, oh dear” became something of a catchphrase.

The BBC quotes former colleague, Alastair Alexander, as saying: “I first met David in 1965. He was a marvellous character. He brought life to a commentary; he actually brought smiles to it.

“He had a good rapport with the fans. David Francey had his own style and everybody loved him for that.

“When he was doing his commentaries, Scotland were a forced to be reckoned with and he reflected that era so well.”

His funeral is understood to be taking place on Wednesday, at the Linn Crematorium, Lainshaw Drive, Glasgow at 11.30am.

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“A terrific commentator, he painted wonderful word pictures; David Begg apart, there is nobody nearly as good around today.

As a convert from rugby reporting to football, some 30 years ago, I had the good fortune to be seated between David and Willie Hunter for my first Sunday Standard report, St Mirren v Aberdeen, at Love Street. I didn't know it, but I had fallen very lucky as these two gentlemen looked after me and got me through the day.

He will be missed.” 

Matt Vallance