High Approval Ratings for the BBC's Radio Stations in Scotland

The BBC's radio stations in Scotland have received a high approval rating for their peformance, from the body representing licence fee payers, the BBC Trust.

It follows a review by the Trust of all the BBC's national radio stations in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, part of a rolling programme which sees each BBC service evaluated at least once every five years.

The review included a public consultation, audience research and discussions with local licence fee payers led by the Trust's Audience Council for Scotland.

Radio Scotland and Radio nan Gàidheal were both reviewed.  

Says the review, nine out of ten listeners are of the opinion that Radio Scotland provides high quality and impartial news, a better understanding of Scottish news, and support for art and culture.

Other findings include:

* 91 per cent of Radio nan Gàidheal listeners say they would miss the station if it wasn't there; and

* 94 per cent of listeners say that Radio Scotland represents value for money, and 93 per cent say that Radio nan Gàidheal represents value for money.

In a BBC Trust statement, BBC Trustee for Scotland, Bill Matthews, is quoted, as saying: “Radio Scotland and Radio nan Gàidheal are highly valued by their listeners and provide something that listeners tell us they can't get elsewhere; their contribution to Scottish and Gaelic cultural life is also a real asset. We would like to see more people tuning in and we have asked the BBC Executive to look at ways to raise awareness of both stations, and we welcome Radio nan Gàidheal's plans to work in partnership with others to support the Gaelic language.”

Among recommendations, the Trust suggests there should be greater collaboration between stations across Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, including commissioning and talent development. The Trust has also recommended that a cross-nation benchmarking group should be established to better understand variations in production costs.

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