The Iron Lady movie reportedly too much for Wark

SCOTS TV presenter, Kirsty Wark, is reported to have lasted just 20 minutes watching the new movie about former Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, before switching off.

The BBC Newsnight presenter is reported in today’s The Scottish Sun saying that she found The Iron Lady uncomfortable viewing, the portrayal of Thatcher suffering from dementia.

Wark interviewed Thatcher in 1990. She is quoted saying: “She had never done a serious long-form interview with a woman and nor did she ever again. She just didn’t like being interviewed by a woman. I think she felt that her relationship with men was more straightforward.”

Says writer, Kenny Angove, Wark watched The Iron Lady on DVD – in her capacity as a BAFTA member, which provides advance copies of movies – and that she is a big fan of actress, Meryl Streep, who plays Thatcher.