From £8 to £2,700: Nice profit for Antiques Road Show expert

A TV show that sees two well-known antiques experts compete to make the biggest profit at auction from their purchases is to feature one deal netting a massive profit, from £8 to £2,700.

The Antiques Road Trip – made by STV Productions for BBC Scotland – is returning, for a fourth series, on the 13th of next month.

And during the series, expert, Charlie Ross, turns his £8 purchase of what proves to be a rare, early 19th century, Staffordshire elephant, into a bumper sale.

In a STV statement, Wendy Rattray, executive producer for STV Productions, is quoted, as saying: “Antiques Road Trip has a winning combination of factors which make this series a real ratings winner for the BBC. We’re delighted to be delivering a further 30 episodes for loyal fans across the UK, with two brand new experts on board [Margie Cooper and Mark Hales] and some fantastic finds, I hope that they enjoy this series as much as they have the previous three.”

Adds STV: “Across its first three series, Antiques Road Trip has been watched by over 23 million individuals. The show attracts an average audience of 2.1million viewers and a 13 per cent share, which is 24 per cent higher than the average slot performance. ART has also seen a significant increase in audience share: the audience increased by over 40 per cent over the course of series one, by 30 per centacross series two and by 34 per cent in series three.”