New look for STV’s news in the north

THE news bulletins from STV in the north of Scotland are to have the same look and feel as their counterparts in the south.

It means, for instance, that STV News at Six, operating out Aberdeen and Dundee, is to have brand new sets and title sequences, similar to those already operating out of Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Says STV statement: “STV filmed new opening shots for the show, featuring presenters Andrea Brymer, Norman Macleod and Tyrone Smith. A panoramic shot of Aberdeen Harbour can now be seen in the backdrop for the programme; and the background for the dedicated Dundee bulletin shows a cityscape.

“Following the successful introduction of a dedicated programme for Edinburgh and the East, and Glasgow and the West in May last year, STV’s total on-air news offering now comprises three distinct 30-minute programmes at 6pm, plus a bulletin for the Dundee and Tayside area.

“With the new service in place, STV’s audience share at 6pm has gone from strength to strength, increasing seven per cent, year-on-year (June-December) across Scotland, with the on-air service reaching over 1.7million viewers per week.”

The statement quotes Gordon Macmillan, head of news at STV, as saying: “STV is now delivering the most locally-focused news service in the UK and viewers clearly have an appetite for targeted, tailored news programming. We’ve refreshed the programmes and installed new studio sets in Aberdeen and Dundee, giving them a fresh, crisp new look, and we will continue to deliver what has proven to be a valued and popular service.”