STV director expected to call for tax breaks for creatives

THE director of content at STV is reportedly going to call tomorrow for tax breaks for the creative industries.

Writes Tom Peterkin, in today’s Scotland on Sunday, Alan Clements, is to tell a conference in Edinburgh that tax breaks in Ireland have helped fund the making of lavish TV dramas and that Scotland could do worse than copy the Irish model.

Clements is expected to say: “I do believe there’s a role for government. Whatever the outcome of the Referendum campaign, we are clearly on a road to greater autonomy in Scotland. The government can play a positive role in the creative industries and all of us in the creative industries can in turn play in a role in our developing sense of ourselves. With greater powers, there’s a lot more that can be done.

“Look at the massive impact the filming of The Tudors in the Republic of Ireland or Game of Thrones in Northern Ireland has had on their indigenous industries.”