New station manager for Bute FM

THE community radio station serving the isle of Bute has appointed a new station manager.

Bute FM has appointed Douglas Lyle to the role, with Jordan Lyon made assistant manager.

Lyle is descibed by the station as “a well-known local business person with decades of experience”.

Typical of the voluntary effort that underpins the community radio network, the position is unsalaried but is full-time. Lyle is well-known, locally, as a DJ and family entertainer.

The station broadcasts 96 hours a week of live programming, mainly music, and is run entirely by a volunteer team of more than 40 people.

Adds a statement issued by the station’s directors: “We believe that we have appointed the right man for the job. Unquestionably, Douglas meets the criteria we set out at the beginning of our search which was based on proven experience, leadership, a hard-working ethic and, most importantly, a shared vision for Bute FM.

“Douglas is someone with whom we will work closely and work well together.

“With our strong team of volunteers combining the necessary virtues of experience and the exciting potential of our younger presenters, our objective is to develop the station.

“Douglas’ vast experience and proven abilities demonstrate clearly that he is a strong leader and an ambitious man and we are looking forward very much to an exciting new future for Bute FM.”