Shearer bulletin cut following on-air migraine

THE BBC Scotland newsreader, Catriona Shearer, is widely reported today speaking of her news bulletin yesterday morning having to be abruptly cut because of an on-air migraine.

Most newspapers refer to a tweet from her explaining how the migraine meant she couldn’t ‘get her words out’.

The bulletin reverted to its UK network equivalent, with Marc Deanie in The Scottish Sun quoting Shearer as saying: “Talk about bad timing. I’d been fine for the 6.30am bulletin but about an hour later I knew something wasn’t quite right.

“I started to get visual disturbance so I sat in the dark for a bit.

“But when I went on-air at 8am I just seemed to lose it. I couldn’t see or speak – I got a bit of a fright. I was powerless for about a minute.

“It was frightening and embarrassing. I knew everything I was trying to say wasn’t coming out.

“Eventually I had to signal to the producers to cut.”