STV to air documentary in memory of Scots filmmaker

A DOCUMENTARY is to be aired on STV as a tribute to its Scots filmmaker, who died last month.

David Peat died aged 65 and one of his documentaries – made for independent TV production company, Tern TV – is to be broadcast tomorrow.

Please Leave The Light On tells the story of a remote lighthouse in the far north of Scotland being switched to an automatic system and the final days of its keepers.

It will air on STV tomorrow at 11pm and was made in the late 1990s for screening on Grampian TV (now STV North).

Cape Wrath was a Stevenson lighthouse accessible only by helicopter, on foot, or across many miles of rough track over an MoD bombing range.

The documentary won a Scottish BAFTA for best documentary in 1997.

In a STV statement, Elizabeth Partyka, deputy director of Channels at STV, is quoted, as saying: “This award-winning film is an affectionate tribute to the men who staffed lighthouses in harsh conditions on remote locations from the 18th to the 20th centuries. We’re pleased to transmit Please Leave The Light On, in tribute to David Peat, who was an incredibly talented man and first class film maker.”

Please Leave the Light On was the first of 15 films David Peat made with Tern TV between 1997 and 2007.

The STV statement quotes David Strachan, managing director of Tern, as saying: “David was one of Scotland’s finest film makers. We are proud that he made 15 films with us, and this one is a wee gem, which clearly demonstrates his eye for detail, his intense interest in how people live their lives, his sense of humour, and his emotional sensitivity.”