Mark Daly: 'Every Line of the Script was Tested'

The investigative journalist behind a TV documentary about the financial troubles affecting Rangers Football Club has spoken of how every line of his script was thoroughly checked before being approved for broadcast.

Mark Daly was talking of his documentary for BBC Scotland, The Men Who Sold the Jerseys, which has generated wall-to-wall coverage in the media since it was broadcast on Wednesday.

He tells Richard Wilson in an article in today's Sunday Herald: “It's a cliche in journalism when you talk of brown envelopes arriving at your door, but that was happening.”

And he later adds: “No journalist, especially not at the BBC, can or should be allowed to make unfounded allegations. Every single line in the script of the film was tested, was signed off by various levels of editorial management and most importantly the lawyers.”

Immediately following the broadcast, the BBC were reported to be facing the threat of legal action, following allegations made about the company charged with handling Rangers' finances following it being placed into administration in February.