Arts internet TV channel launches in Edinburgh

AN Edinburgh-based internet TV channel has launched, dedicated to the arts, books and film.

Summerhall TV takes its name from a new, multi-arts centre in the capital that was formerly the Royal Dick Veterinary School.

With archive to draw on from former local TV initiatives – Edinburgh Television (from 2000-2002), Channel Six Dundee (from 2000 to 2002) and e-tv (Aberfeldy, during 2003) – the station has launched with new material such as interviews with Nick Barley and Janet Smyth at the upcoming Edinburgh International Book Festival.

Summerhall has been set up by, among others, Dave Rushton (pictured), director of the Edinburgh-based Institute of Local Television. Also involved is Alicja Pawluczuk, formerly of Video in Pilton, based in Edinburgh and now known as Screen Education Edinburgh.

Material has been online for over a week, the channel having been ‘soft-launched’ to allow for any technical issues.

The channel is being run on a voluntary basis, with funding applications to various bodies in the pipeline and collaborations being put to tickets sellers and Edinburgh’s various festivals.

Says Rushton: “We believe this is filling a gap in terms of people’s enjoyment of, and access to, the arts.”