Tern 58, Matchlight 76, in Televisual ‘top 100′ indies

THE Scots independent TV production company, Tern, has been ranked 58th in a listing of the ‘top 100′ indies in the UK.

Says the latest issue of the magazine, Televisual, the company has a turnover of £4 million, a staff of 15 and won 13 commissions, resulting in 61 hours’ worth of TV.

In the case of Tern, these figures refer to the financial year to the end of March, not that every company surveyed by the magazine will have been necessarily operating to the same timeframe.

Tern was founded in 1998 in Aberdeen before opening an office in Glasgow, 12 years ago, and then, later, six years ago, another in Belfast. Its programmes identified by Televisual include Beechgrove Garden and Bridges That Built London.

Meanwhile, fellow Scots indie, Matchlight, is ranked 76th, with 12 staff, £2.5 million turnover, seven commissions and 12 hours, with programmes including Afghanistan, The Great Game.

The likes of Scotland-based outfits, Mentorn Scotland, Keo North and Shed Media Scotland, are to be found within bigger operations, Tinopolis (ranked eighth), Keo Films (ranked 45th) and Shed Media (ranked seventh).