Pringle appointment to provide TV and film crews with locations sourcing assistance

TV and film crews seeking assistance sourcing locations in Scotland have a new person to deal with at a free service provided by the government body, Creative Scotland.

Brodie Pringle has been named the new Locations Manager at Creative Scotland, “working to promote Scotland” – says the organisation – “as a film and TV location and work in partnership with our local, national and international film and TV locations agencies to help producers and filmmakers work in Scotland”.

Adds a media statement from Creative Scotland: “She joins from BBC/Little Comet co-production where she has direct experience of working with directors, producers and a wide range of agencies in order to make films happen. Brodie’s recent filming credits include Under the Skin and World War Z and for TV, Doors Open and Hattie.”

Pringle takes over from Belle Doyle, who is now Scottish events co-ordinator at Women in Film and Television (UK).