Made Here: Grand Tours of Scotland, BBC Scotland

NOW in its third series, Grand Tours of Scotland sees presenter, Paul Murton, seeking to relive the ‘golden days of Scottish tourism’.

This evening, episode two of the current six-part series finds Paul visiting Dumfries and Galloway to – say the programme-makers – “uncover the stories of the pioneering female tourists who were determined not to be left at home and bravely headed north to explore Scotland”.

It is being broadcast on BBC One Scotland, between 2030 and 2100.

Here, Arlene Jeffrey, a producer with the series makers, Glasgow-based Timeline Films, answers the questions:

Who commissioned you?

BBC Scotland’s Ewan Angus.

Who have been the key personnel in making the series?

Paul Murton, is our presenter and director, Kathryn Ross is our producer and Richard Cook and Richard Paterson are on camera and sound.

What kit and software do you use?

We shoot on a Panasonic HD Cam. Richard is our director of photography, but we are going tapeless for next production.

We edit at 422’s post-production facilities in Glasgow.

What have been the main challenges of making the series?

The biggest challenge is making sure we represent all of Scotland, so logistics is the biggest challenge. It’s a bigger country than you think.

What have you learned and enjoyed from the experience?

Scotland is centre stage of this production; its beauty and variety of landscape is astonishing.