Bird writes of ‘frightening…nasty pass’ when trying to carve music career

THE BBC Scotland presenter, Jackie Bird, has written of her ‘frightening moment’ when a ‘nasty pass’ was made at her.

In her Sunday Mail column today, she begins: “When I was in my late teens and living away from home as a trainee journalist, I confess my single overwhelming ambition wasn’t to be the greatest news reporter in the world, but to be a singer.”

But then she writes of the ‘music business mogul’ who took an interest in her: “The fact that I’m not writing this from my beach home in Malibu means you can probably guess that [my music career ambitions] never materialised. Instead my dream ended with a nasty, frightening moment in his plush hotel room when I realised that his grand plans for me came at a price.

“He made a nasty pass and I fled in horror. There and then my hopes of entering the music business became tinged with something distasteful.

“The gloss came off my dreams and I never had the same burning ambition again.”

Bird was writing in the wake of escalating allegations of sexual abuse of young people by the late DJ, Jimmy Savile.

On Thursday, sister title, the Daily Record, quoted a former Kilmarnock Standard journalist, Fiona Black, of feeling “distinctly uncomfortable” at Savile’s innuendo during an interview during the late 1970s, in a Glasgow hotel.