Intimidation said to have been levelled at 32 journalists for their reporting of Rangers

Thirty-two journalists are said to be known to the National Union of Journalists in Scotland as having been on the receiving end of intimidation because of their reporting of the financial problems that have been recently affecting Rangers FC.

The NUJ claim is reported on Channel 4 News this evening by its chief correspondent, Alex Thomson, who says that both newspaper and TV journalists have had to call the police because of threats to their homes and families.

Thomson’s piece also featured interviews with a lawyer who was part of an adjudicating panel on Rangers at the Scottish FA and also an editor of a book about the club.

The NUJ’s Paul Holleran says that people have gone online to claim they know personal details of the journalists, such as where their children go to school and which pubs they visit.

Thomson was provided a statement by the club that it does not condone any form of anti-social behaviour.