Media training doubles up to provide personal testimony for rape prevention adverts

A SERIES of rape prevention adverts being broadcast by a Scots radio station were compiled following a media training session involving young men, aged between 18 and 28.

The adverts – part of a police initiative, We Can Stop It – seek to challenge men to acknowledge, for instance, that when a woman says no, that she means it.

The adverts are being broadcast for the next three weeks by Radio Forth, one of several Scots stations operated by Bauer Media.

They have been commissioned by the police who recruited a group of young men to take part in a media training session run by the Scottish Media Academy, which was set up earlier this year by Bauer.

Its director, Courtnay McLeod, brought together the three elements – Bauer’s advertising department, Lothian and Borders Police and the media training – after being inspired by the We Can Stop It campaign.

The result from the training was some practical skills – for instance, media interview technique – learned by the participants whose personal testimony about women and rape was then used as basis of the adverts.

Audio recorded during the training was used – with the consent of the participants – as the main content to the adverts.

The adverts started running yesterday.

McLeod told “The Scottish Media Academy has shown that mixing media education and advertising together can create powerful results. We are extremely proud of this radio campaign – it tackles a challenging subject in a creative and effective way. Our training events were carefully tailored to support the We Can Stop It campaign and designed to capture the audio needed for the adverts. In the process, participants received excellent media training and left with relevant new skills.”