Made Here: Air an Rathad/On the Road

A NEW series of the cars show on BBC ALBA, ‘Air an Rathad/On the Road’, begins this evening.

Say the porgramme makers, the Air an Rathad team of Fiona MacKenzie, Murray MacLeod and Calum Iain MacKenzie “have been busy travelling all over the country to bring you the best of the summer’s high-octane motorsport action, and all the very latest car models, including the World Car of the Year, the VW Up, the Subaru BRZ and the eclectic Renault Twizy”.

The programme screens tonight at 2200.

Assistant producer, Charlene Macleod, answers the questions…

Who commissioned the production?


Explain the thinking behind the production’s ‘look and feel’?

Air an Rathad is a pacey, energetic car series with fun at its core.

Who are the key personnel in making the programme?

Producer: Terry Wolsey

Director: Calum Angus MacKay

Assistant producer: Charlene MacLeod

What kit and software?

Kit: Sony Digibeta/Z1/PMW500 and GoPros

Software: Final Cut Pro

What have been the main production challenges?

Getting cars, crew and presenters in the same place at the same time.

What did you most learn and enjoy from the experience?

We’re now on series five of Air an Rathad, but I’m still constantly learning new things on the job. One of this year’s highlights was how to do a handbrake turn.

I enjoy meeting people at rallies and car events who tell us how much they love the show.