Sports writer, Ferrie, challenges BBC Scotland to ‘up its game’

THE Herald’s sports writer, Kevin Ferrie, has challenged BBC Scotland to ‘up its game’.

In his regular column for The Herald’s sports supplement, he argues that, from personal experience, “friendships with those who produce programmes [within BBC Scotland] are more useful than an individual’s objective expertise on any given subject”.

He then goes on to bemoan the broadcaster’s coverage of the financial problems that recently engulfed Rangers FC, on the grounds of it being “night after night” and comprising “the usual voices using the same phraseology, offering little or nothing new by way of analysis”.

He then urges BBC Scotland should devote resources to “examining the performance of the other quasi-public bodies that run sport in this country, at a time when almost every Scot who aspires to reaching the top of his or her sport must leave the country”.