John Leslie to broadcast on capital community radio station

THE broadcaster, John Leslie – who is quoted describing his personal life these last ten years as “traumatic”  – is to broadcast on a community radio station, in Edinburgh.

Leslie – whose brother, Grant Stott, broadcasts on capital station, Radio Forth – is, say reports today, to host the drivetime show on Castle FM.

He is quoted, in The Scotsman, as saying: “I’ve had a pretty traumatic last ten years – ten years in which I haven’t worked.

“But what pulled me through was being back in Edinburgh and having the support of family and friends.”

“If can do my bit for the community – and say a thank you of sorts to the life I was able to rebuild back in the cppital and to the people who have helped me over the past ten years – by working with Castle FM, I will be very pleased.”

The trauma Leslie refers to concern drug and sex allegations.

It is understood he will be presenting a three-hour show, once a week – Friday, 4pm to 7pm – for free.

The station’s business development manager, Donny Hughes, is quoted saying Leslie is “due a break”.