Galloway reported to have dropped trademark prank calls

A PRESENTER on the Glasgow radio station, Radio Clyde, has reportedly dropped his trademark prank telephone calls – at least for the time being – following the death of nurse, Jacintha Saldanha.

Robin Galloway, who presents the afternoon drive show on Clyde 1, is understood to have cancelled the calls plus pulled the commercials for his pranks collection CDs.

The nurse is suspected of having taken her own life after falling for a prank call from an Australian radio station, regarding her hospital’s then Royal patient, the Duchess of Cambridge.

The website, Radio Today, quotes Galloway as saying: “The way I feel right now, I may not resume them at all, which would be strange, having done literally thousands over the years with little or no complaint.”

Mr Galloway added: “Then came the devastating news that a human being had taken her own life as a result of what was supposed to be a light-hearted prank, albeit in poor taste. The whole sorry affair has left me shattered.”

The Clyde 1 DJ posted to his Facebook page on Friday: “Out of respect to tragic nurse Jacinta Saldanha there will be no crank calls til further notice. CD ads pulled too.

“Thoughts with family. x”