Community radio DJ makes swift return, despite heart attack

A COMMUNITY radio DJ returned to work yesterday – barely  a week after suffering a heart attack.

Reports Stornoway-based freelance, Iain Maciver, ‘Crazy’ Carl Easton suffered his attack in the hospital where he had gone to check mysterious chest pains. He was flown to Glasgow from Stornoway last Wednesday and had an operation in which stents were put into his heart.

The former nurse from Morpeth, in Northumberland, is a volunteer DJ on the community radio station, Isles FM, and a regular breakfast show host.

Maciver quotes Easton as saying: “The doctors were amazed how well I recovered but I do know that my lifestyle is not good. I eat the wrong stuff and I smoke too much. I am now going to quit, eat better food and get more exercise. I have to.”

Isles FM managing director, David Morrison, is also quoted, as saying: “I was very surprised to hear Carl on the air [yesterday] morning. I had no idea he was going to be on. Any normal person would be in their bed wrapped in cotton wool. That is why we know him as Crazy Carl, I suppose. He certainly deserves the name.”