Possible UK-wide strike action at BBC in support of Scots colleagues

A WORK-TO-RULE at BBC Scotland by members of the National Union of Journalists could escalate as strike action across the Corporation, UK-wide.

It follows a decision by NUJ Mothers/Fathers of Chapel in support of Scots colleagues who have been working to rule since midnight Friday over compulsory job cuts.

Says the NUJ website, nine posts at BBC Scotland are facing compulsory redundancy as BBC Scotland seeks to implement budget cutbacks following a decision, three years ago, between the BBC and the Westminster Government to freeze the price of the TV licence fee.

In August, it was announced that 35 posts were at risk of redundancy.

Says the NUJ website: “A meeting of NUJ M/FoCs agreed to extend a work-to-rule by Scottish members to UK-wide across the BBC. The reps also agreed to take strike action, unless the BBC management redeploys staff under an agreed scheme.”

The website adds: “The NUJ action is also in response to planned compulsory redundancies at Newsbeat, Five Live, staff on the Big Screens, Asian Network and the World Service. The job losses are part of the BBC’s Delivering Quality First cuts programme which plans more than 2,000 job losses across the Corporation.”

Said Paul Holleran, the NUJ’s Scottish Organiser: Quote: “BBC management have to realise that we are ready to work with them but are not prepared to accept compulsory redundancies and they need to put a lot more effort into re-deploying staff at risk. It is though they are waiting to see if we just let the cuts happen – well, that isn’t going to be the case.”