New, Glasgow-based online TV network goes for ‘bite-sized programming’

A SIX-channel online TV network launches today in Glasgow, offering ‘bite-size programming’, designed for people ‘on the move’, with access to smartphones and tablet devices.

The network is called TVtapas and its channels are Life (lifestyle, cooking, gardening, fashion and popular culture), Go (travel, places and transport), Work, Money, Globe (weather and environmental programming) and Etc (entertainment, comedy and original drama).

The service is being launched by 5 Minute Network Ltd, whose creative director, Paul Hineman (pictured, second from the right), is quoted in a media release, as saying: “The rise of the smart phone and tablet generation means that, today, people want to digest online entertainment in small, bite-sized amounts while on the go. We realised that, while YouTube may have the user-generated market sewn up, there was a gaping hole when it came to good quality, informative, online programmes which are easily accessible and succinct.

“We took an early view that trying to cater for everyone with a single channel simply wouldn’t work. The video-on-demand schedule doesn’t function in the same way as a traditional broadcaster, so you can’t hope to attract audiences to your shows in the same way. So we opted for six channels, taking a great deal of time to consider what audiences we wanted to attract and the nature of the content we were looking for.

“Each of our channels goes after a fairly broad demographic, but within that, we are actively seeking to engage with much more discreet affinity groups; we have the luxury of being much more targeted. And we’re all members of affinity groups; if you’re a pet owner you’re part of a huge affinity group. If you’re a keen cook, that’s another. The list goes on.”

Says 5 Minute Network, it has also negotiated a partnership deal with London-based global content distributor DRG, which distributes shows such as Doc Martin, The Inbetweeners and Shameless.

“This will see a slate of high-quality content available across all six channels.”

Paul is further quoted, as saying: “The biggest barrier to anyone operating in this arena is generating or sourcing good content. The syndication model is certainly the way forward for us. We’re as far removed from the user-generated approach as you can be. That means quality, credible and accredited content for our viewers, and a high value offer for our brand partners and advertisers.”