Hearts pledge ‘strongest action possible’ against media report

UPDATE: Hearts report it has ‘withdrawn all media co-operation’ with STV… Read on…

THE ‘strongest action possible’ is being pledged by Heart of Midlothian FC over a media report alleging that staff have been told the club could go into administration.

Says STV: “[We] understand some employees had a general briefing on the situation at the club [this] morning.”

The report continues: “Officials stated administration was a possibility if the right assurances were not received from majority shareholders, UBIG. Administration was mentioned as one, but not the only, possible outcome.”

The story follows well-documented financial difficulties being experienced by the club.

The STV report does quote a club spokesperson, as saying: “There has been no staff meeting. Staff have not been informed the club could go into administration. As far as the club is concerned, this story is lacking in any foundation.”

But it does not satisfy the club, which states, on its website: “We are sickened and disgusted by such unsubstantiated content. Articles such as this which have no factual basis, show a complete ignorance of the facts and reflect very badly on the profession of journalism.”

Its statement had earlier said: “The club can categorically state there was no such meeting and no such message imparted to staff.

“Such erroneous stories cause distress not only to our staff but their families and the club will be taking the strongest action possible against the responsible parties.”