Australia move for Annette, from one ‘indigenous’ TV channel to another

A ‘SCHEDULE producer’ at one of the partners in Gaelic language TV channel, BBC ALBA, has moved to Australia, to take up a posting at a TV channel that, like BBC ALBA, specialises in ‘indigenous people’ programming.

Lisa Annette has worked for MG ALBA, the Gaelic Media Service, for four years, where she is employed as a schedule producer working on the production and technical side of BBC ALBA.

She has joined the National Indigenous Television channel, which broadcasts programming produced primarily by the indigenous peoples of Australia.

In a MG ALBA media release, chief executive, Donald Campbell, is quoted, as saying: “Over the past five years, NITV and BBC ALBA have been working together to share our knowledge, insights, news and programmes through the World Indigenous Television Broadcasters Network.

“Tanya Denning and her team at NITV have been a source of inspiration to those of us working in indigenous language media. We are delighted that Lisa will have the opportunity to develop this bond even further on our behalf and we wish her every success as she takes up her placement with NITV.”