Secret dossiers plan dismissed as ‘poor silly fad’

DOSSIERS, containing possible weaknesses in pro-Scottish independence arguments, are to be secretly shared with the Scottish media, to help keep First Minister, Alex Salmond, ‘on his toes’.

But an eminent media pundit has warned the plan might backfire.

It’s understood the dossiers are to be made available – clandestinely – to the media because of fears that Salmond is not being tested hard enough at the weekly gathering of MSPs in the Scottish Parliament, First Minister’s Questions.

“The media has become the de facto opposition,” said an insider. “So, we might as well provide them with material to help keep the First Minister from losing his edge.”

But the tactic, warns at least one media pundit, might backfire. Said Dr Ralf Piolo: “The media will not take kindly to be being ‘played for a fool’. They don’t need anyone’s help finding pros and cons to any argument. I imagine this will be an ‘one-day wonder’ and quietly buried. This is somebody’s idea of a poor, silly fad.”