Amnesty Media Awards shortlisting for David Pratt

THE Reporter of the Year at last week’s Scottish Press Awards has been shortlisted in UK-wide media awards by the human rights organisation, Amnesty International.

The Sunday Herald’s foreign editor, David Pratt, has received the nomination in the Nations and Regions category of the Amnesty International Media Awards, for an article examining the plight of people struggling against hunger and drought in the West African country of Niger.

The shortlist covers eleven categories, across print, broadcast and online journalism. Say the organisers: “The Gaby Radio Memorial Award will be made to a journalist who has been covering human rights issues for less than five years and a Student Award will be made for those even newer to human rights journalism.”

The organisers continue: “Amnesty’s Media Awards, now in their 22nd year, recognise excellence in human rights reporting and acknowledge journalism’s significant contribution to the UK public’s awareness and understanding of human rights issues.”

Also among those shortlisted is Scot, Callum Macrae, for his part in a Channel 4 documentary about Sri Lanka.

And former Scotsman newspaper journalist, Gethin Chamberlain, gets a nod in the national newspapers category.

Pratt was last week named Reporter of the Year for the second, successive year. This year, he won for his coverage of the Middle East.

The winners will be announced on June 11.

The shortlist reads:


Life Without Papers – Life Without Papers blog – Len Grant

No Go Britain: A social media-led investigation into public transport for disabled people in the year of the Paralympics – Channel 4 – Anna Doble, Katie Razzall, Louise Turner, Cara Berkley

One Iranian Lawyer’s fight to save Juveniles from Execution – The Guardian – Maggie O’Kane, Sherbet, Fonic, Guy Grandjean


Call Me Kuchu – Lindy Hop Pictures LLC – Malika Zouhali-Worrall, Katherine Fairfax Wright

Kashmir’s Torture Trail – True Vision for Channel 4 – Jezza Neumann, Adrian Levy

Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields: War Crimes Unpunished – ITN Productions for Channel 4 – Jon Snow, Callum Macrae, Chris Shaw


A Stand in the Sinai; Egypt: Land Mine Victims; Egypt: Sexual Attacks Against Women Protesters – CNN International – Ian Lee

Slavery’s Last Stronghold – CNN International – Edythe McNamee

Syrian Girls ‘Sold’ into Forced Marriages; Syria’s Desperate Refugees now living in Caves on the side of Cliffs; Aleppo Executions: 79 bodies pulled from Syria river – The Telegraph – Ruth Sherlock


Syria: Songs of Defiance – Al Jazeera – Anonymous reporter, Yassir Khan, Diarmuid Jeffreys

The Marriage Breakers of Bangladesh – BBC World News – Angus Crawford, Mark Perrow, Hanna Shams Ahmed, Tony Smith

The Secret Drone War – Panorama/ BBC World TV – Jane Corbin, Tom Giles, Matthew Hill


Facts have Blood as Evidence; The Virus of Censorship; Meet the 50-Cent Party – New Statesman – Ai Weiwei, Cheng Yizhong

Seven Days in Syria – Granta – Janine di Giovanni


How did Neville Husband get away with the Horrific Abuse of Teenagers in his care? – Guardian Weekend – Eric Allison, Simon Hattenstone

The day I saw 248 girls Suffering Genital Mutilation – Observer Magazine – Abigail Haworth


We Heard Screaming 20 hours a Day; Worse Than War: inside city of death; Millions Starve as Assad plays the Hunger Game – The Times – Anthony Loyd

Greek Police send Crime Victims to Neo-Nazi ‘protectors’; Greeks take an Axe to the Forests to stave off a Bitter Winter; ‘My Job is to Tell the Truth’ – The Guardian – Helena Smith

India’s Lost Boys Plucked from the Hands of the Slave Traders – The Observer – Gethin Chamberlain


Illegal immigration in Staffordshire – BBC Radio Stoke – Rob Adcock, Stuart George, Lahra Tyndall, Gary Andrews

Where Termites have more to eat than Toddlers – The Sunday Herald – David Pratt

Witchcraft: Congo to London – ITV News London – Ronke Phillips


A Long Walk – Saturday Telegraph Magazine – Shannon Jensen

Crying Meri. Violence Against Women in Papua New Guinea – No Borders Magazine – Vlad Sokhin

Goodbye My Chechnya – The Sunday Times – Diana Markosian


Face the Facts: ‘Wed-Locked’ – BBC Radio 4 – Carolyn Atkinson, John Waite, Andrew Smith

No Country for Old Women – BBC World Service – Kati Whitaker, David Prest

Russia: Waiting for Justice – BBC World Service – Rebecca Kesby, Dina Newman, Bridget Harney


Forgotten Brides: life after forced marriage – The Student, University of Edinburgh newspaper – Lauren Wilks

Russia: Get Rich or Die Trying – Redbrick, University of Birmingham newspaper – Clara Maciver

‘A Visitor In My Homeland’ – Gair Rhydd, Cardiff University newspaper – Shruti Kedia


Burma’s Forgotten People – Channel 4 News – John Sparks, Matt Jasper

Rape in Detention in Syria – BBC News – Fergal Keane, Maxine Collins, Jacky Martens, Riham al Baqaeen

South Africa: Marikana massacre – Channel 4 News – Inigo Gilmore, Thapelo Lekgowa, Teresa Smith, Joe McAllister